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STORAGESMART® exclusively introduces FLEXIMOUNTS® to Australia, the leading DIY Garage Storage brand in the world. FLEXIMOUNTS® high quality products are "Best Seller" on AMAZON in their Garage Storage category, with 25,000+ positive reviews and ratings. FLEXIMOUNTS® garage storage products are also the top seller in the world's three largest home improvement stores THE HOME DEPOT, LOWES & WALMART.

FLEXIMOUNTS® garage storage solutions are wall mount oriented, which has a distinct advantage over protruding floor-based shelving units. Garage floor space is a premium, get everything up off the floor! FLEXIMOUNTS® products come with comprehensive, easy to follow installation guides and high quality mounting hardware. STORAGESMART® has worked tirelessly with their US partner FLEXIMOUNTS® to convert all marketing and installation material from imperial to metric to suit the Australian market.

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Require Installation?

Hipages is the trusted FLEXIMOUNTS® installation partner, in particular their Handyman tradies have completed an abundance of FLEXIMOUNTS® installations across Australia. If you are time poor, don't have certain tools or are not comfortable in completing installation. Simply go to Hipages, type in Handyman along with your postcode and they will send you three quality installation contacts. FLEXIMOUNTS® products come with a comprehensive installation guide and importantly all mounting hardware for timber studs and brick & concrete walls, so that your Handyman has everything needed to complete the installation swiftly. As a guide for both you and your Handyman, we have outlined below the approximate & conservative installation times for each product.

• GRH1B Utility & Bike Shelf Hooks 4 Pack Typically takes 2 mins to install

BR1D Wall Mounted Six Capacity Bike Rack Typically takes 15-25 mins to install

WR16B Wall Mounted Shelving 305mm Deep x 1830mm Wide 2 Pack Typically takes 30-40 mins to install

• WR26B Wall Mounted Shelving 610mm Deep x 1830mm Wide 2 Pack Typically takes 30-40 mins to install

Fleximounts® Installation Cost Guide