Wall Mounted Garage Shelving Solutions

"Get everything off your garage floor"

Fleximounts® No.1 Selling Garage Storage Brand in the World, Now Available In Australia!

With garage floor space being a premium nowadays, it’s time to get everything off the floor and up onto the unused space of your garage being the walls! Traditional floor based shelving units are bulky and simply take up valuable room within many garages. If sorting your garage has been on the "To Do" list for sometime, let StorageSmart® help you reclaim your garage with Fleximounts® DIY Garage Storage Solutions.

Fleximounts® Garage Storage Products are the "Best Seller" on Amazon in the USA! Further, Fleximounts® is the No.1 selling Garage Storage Brand in Walmart, The Home Depot and Lowes who are the 3 Largest Home Improvement Stores in the World.

Most Of Our Clients Have Been Trying To Get Their Garages Under Control For Years

With Fleximounts® you’ll do it once and do it right. With over 30,000 positive reviews and ratings in the USA, StorageSmart® will help you get your garage organised and functioning in a way whereby you'll be proud to walk and drive into it each day.

Proudly an Australian Owned and operated company, StorageSmart® has gold standard customer service and 20 years experience as leaders in DIY Garage Storage Solutions.

StorageSmart® has worked tirelessly with our US partners Fleximounts® to ensure that their world leading products and supporting installation material are adapted for the Australian market, in particular from Imperial to Metric measurements (Feet & Inches to Centimetres & Millimetres)