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Does the shelving come in one long piece or?

Our shelving is highly flexible in configuration and can be suited to many different spaces. The shelving products (Extra Deep & Standard) come in one small & easy to handle box and contain four 915mm shelves that amount to 3660mm in total length, providing ultimate flexibility regarding your desired lay out. Check out our gallery images to see many design configurations and inspiration.

What’s your warranty & return policy?

We believe in our products, and we want our customers to be 100% happy. Basically as long as the products were correctly installed, we offer a lifetime warranty on all products. Products are extremely well packaged being designed to be shipped around the country, if on the extremely rare occasion that goods are damaged in transit please reach out and we will resolve the issue by sending spare parts. If you have any problems, just contact us.

What screws do I need to buy?

We’re here to make your life easier, not harder! All fixings are included in the package for either wooden stud or brick wall installations.

How do I install it?

All products come with a comprehensive installation guide and template. Check out our installation page to see many videos of people installing the Fleximounts® products. Installation is simple and quick!

What tools do I need?

Basic hand tools Eg Tape measure, drill, pencil, etc See installation guides in the product pages for more details.

Can shelving & bike rack be installed onto bricks?

Sure can, even better the fixings required to do this are included in the box!

Is product In stock and how long from order to dispatch?

Being the exclusive distributor in Australia for Fleximounts®, StorageSmart® is obliged to carry alot of product, alot... Therefore all our products are always in stock! Once your order is placed you will receive confirmation via email, products are dispatched the next business day and once your order has left our DC you will receive your tracking number via email also.

What is the height of the shelving brackets?

Standard Shelving Bracket The distance between the bottom of the bracket and the top of the shelf measures 120mm

Extra Deep Shelving Bracket The distance between the bottom of the bracket and the top of the shelf measures 170mm

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