Does Garage Shelving Add Value to Home?

Does Garage Shelving Add Value to Home?

Home buyers with expanding families have a greater need for storage space. Although high standards are set for the interior rooms, most people don't put much stock in the garage and view it as little more than a large empty room.

The value of your home rises when that enormous space is maximised with practical storage solutions that keep clutter out of the main living area.

A potential buyer who is on the fence will be pleasantly surprised to find a clean garage with convenient storage options.

If your garage is neat and tidy, potential buyers will be more interested in purchasing your home.

You can add more value to your home by highlighting its best features. Garages that have been renovated to make them more user-friendly and showcase their storage space are more likely to sell.

Having a clean and tidy garage can be the icing on the cake when it comes time to sell your home.

Your garage's potential is maximised when it is well-organized.

Homebuyers can immediately begin imagining the benefits of the property, such as the convenience of an attached garage and the availability of a separate workout room.

Where Garages Create Direct Value

Typical Costs

An average garage build out will cost about $27,000, with a ROI of around 81%.

A good budget, thorough research, and a reliable contractor can help reduce these expenses.

In the end, the increased number of interested buyers is the best indicator of your home's increased value.

In the event that your home already has a garage, whether attached or detached, there are numerous ways in which you can increase its resale value with relatively little effort.

One of the most obvious ways to do this is to get a new garage door. Get a no-obligation quote to see what this might set you back in your area.

This renovation is a brilliant plan for boosting street appeal.

What Buyers Want

The best way to find out what people in your area are looking for is to consult a Realtor.

Some people would prefer to handle their own maintenance and repairs in a private garage, while others would rather have a safe place to keep their vehicles and other belongings.

Many factors are at play, but we can handle them.

You can count on us to help you find what you need in your immediate area.

By understanding what homebuyers care about, we can zero in on the most profitable investments.

Why Invest in Your Garage

Additional Living Space

Versatility is a selling point in today's market.

One of the many ways in which a fantastic garage can help you sell your home is by making it easier to park cars in there.

Having a finished garage can be invaluable, whether you're looking for a place to entertain guests and display your collection of toys or a warm, safe place for your children to practise sports during the winter.

Consider our regional climate and the increased emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, and you'll see that this is especially true.

Most of our customers place a premium on having spare room that can be put to multiple uses.

Imagine turning that cluttered, dark space into a bright, elegant area of your home. With GarageSmart, it’s easier than you think. Our team will help you create the perfect garage renovation for your needs and budget. You won’t regret choosing us as your partner in this project!

Request a quotation on our website today!

A growing trend in Melbourne is for people to downsize their living quarters.


It stands to reason that minimising wasteful motion and maximising the effectiveness of available area will reduce anxiety.

Therefore, optimising storage solutions is a great way to add value to your garage.

The garage cabinets you choose can make or break the space, so it's important to prioritise form and function.

Also, open shelving is great because it allows for more manoeuvrability when storing things like large boxes and oddly shaped objects.

You shouldn't be afraid to use your imagination when thinking of ways to organise your garage, either.

Having a place to store bikes and other outdoor equipment, a well-organized tool shed, or even a well-thought-out spot for a second refrigerator or freezer are all things that could potentially attract the attention of a potential buyer.


Do you have a friend who constantly bemoans the fact that they have nowhere to keep their camping gear when they would like to go more often?

What about a person who is obsessed with motorcycles or automobiles but lacks the garage space necessary to continue adding to their collection?

One possible solution is to build a garage.

When it comes to finding affordable studio space, many people turn to their garages.

There is a world of opportunity at your fingertips, so dream big. Garage conversion is a great way to add value to your home by creating a multipurpose room.


If your car has ever been broken into, or worse, stolen, you know how important it is to keep it locked and secure.

By parking in a garage, you can spare yourself and your loved ones the hassle and inconvenience of having to deal with this situation.

In addition, having a garage to store expensive bikes, large appliances, instruments, and even pricy strollers in provides incredible peace of mind and a lot more space inside the house.

In addition, a garage is an excellent way to reduce your insurance costs if you live in an area where severe weather (hail, high winds, etc.) is a regular occurrence.


A garage isn't complete until it has electricity, drywall, paint, ventilation, and, in some cases, insulation. It could have a brand-new floor, textured walls, built-in storage, and even some form of smart garage technology.

Even if it's missing some of these features, at least the garage floor is level and there are no exposed beams. It's nice to look at, and in some cases it can even double as a bedroom or a social hangout.


If you want to sell your home, making sure the garage works is an important part of making it feel like a home to potential buyers.

You could get more money out of the sale of your home now because of this appreciation.

Does a finished garage increase the value of a home?

Agents in the real estate industry estimate that homeowners can add nearly $10,000 to their home's selling price by finishing their garage.

Garages are more valuable after they are finished than after they are converted. If you convert your garage, you risk decreasing the value of your home.

This is due to the fact that if you convert your garage, you will no longer have a garage when you move out.

Your home's resale value will suffer because of this, and also because the extra living space may be in an awkward and unpleasant spot.

You'll get more money out of finishing the garage than converting it if you ever decide to sell your house. Converting it into a bedroom could give you more living space, but it could decrease the value of your home.



The equivalent of displaying a Renoir in a museum with oil-stained floors, chipped walls, and dim lighting is leaving a high-end car in an unfinished garage.

Despite the fact that they are all stunning creations, the unappealing gallery space really takes away from their overall beauty.

You can use an epoxy coating, which can be coloured to your liking, to protect your garage floor.

It can be applied directly over an already-existing poured concrete floor, unlike paint, and may last for years.

A top coat with acrylic flakes of varying colours can make your garage floor more slip-resistant.


If you want to finish your garage so you can use it at night, one option is to equip it with enough lighting to make up for the lack of windows.

Anyone entering your garage would immediately notice the unfinished state of the space due to the one or two exposed incandescent lights.

Lighting the garage with a warmer system will produce a more uniform glow. Modern pot lights or recessed LED lighting fixtures can't be beat when it comes to energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and increased visibility and safety.


Garage dwellers absolutely must have easy access to a bathroom if they plan to spend any significant amount of time there.

Call the experts if you need to dig up your yard or lay pipes under your driveway.

Garages don't typically get updated with bathrooms and sinks, but you may want one so you can clean your hands after working in the garage.

To hire a plumber and have them put in the necessary pipes, you should set aside at least $500.


Homeowners in dry or humid climates, such as Texas, would do well to upgrade their garages' insulation and heating/cooling systems as part of any renovation project.

The installation of new insulation and heating and air conditioning systems could cost up to $3,000.


Hanging tools like shovels and rakes allows you to make better use of the vertical space in your garage.

The right bike rack will even allow you to stack your bikes vertically.

The quickest way to turn walls into storage spaces is to cover them with organisers.

Garage cabinets and shelving are essential components of a well-organized garage. They can be used to raise heavy objects off the floor.

GarageSmart® Storage Cabinets, Draws, & Work Benches are the perfect way to organize your garage! With GarageSmart®, you’ll have plenty of storage space for all of your tools, sports equipment, and other belongings. 

The first step is to determine the optimal size and form for your needs. Create an inventory of all the items that need to be stored away.

The next step is to construct the required garage storage in the form and style of your choice.

The storage potential of the garage's ceiling should not be undervalued.

Move as much stuff as you can into this area to reduce clutter.

Large containers of seasonal items such as decorations, sports gear, and the like should be stacked high off the ground.

You can save valuable floor space by storing and retrieving kayaks, ladders, and bicycles from racks mounted to the ceiling.

Tips for Your Garage to Increase Your Home's Value

Remove unnecessary clutter

If your garage is a mess, potential buyers won't be able to picture themselves there.

All your "stuff" will prevent them from appreciating the full glory of your garage.

The first order of business is to clean up the mess. Here are a few suggestions to get you going in the right direction.

Install overhead storage

Storage space in the ceiling is underutilised in most homes.

You can store seasonal decorations or items you rarely use on the upper shelves.

Store snow shovels and holiday lights up high in the summer and beach chairs and coolers for the winter.

Potential buyers will likely be impressed by your house's overhead storage shelves and may even be willing to pay a premium for it.

Make your garage floor slip-proof and stain-resistant with epoxy floor coating

Your garage floor will look great and serve a practical purpose after being coated with epoxy.

The highly long-lasting resin prevents stains, makes the floor safe to walk on, and shields it from damage. 

To appeal to buyers in the market for a stylish new home, consider coating your garage floor with epoxy, which comes in a wide variety of attractive colours and styles.

Applying a coating to your garage floor that mimics granite or terrazzo will make it look and feel more expensive.

Add a fresh coat of pain

Walls in the garage are susceptible to dings and scratches, so painting them is a good idea.

That way, potential buyers will be able to see that you took pride in maintaining your garage and not just the epoxy floors.

Choose paint and flooring materials that work together and highlight your unique cabinetry.

It's best to paint the walls a neutral colour when trying to sell your home.

Grays and tans are timeless, go-to colour palettes.

Add a storage loft in your garage

Putting a loft in your garage is a great way to gain extra storage space.

You can think of a loft as a wooden platform that is either supported by the ceiling or the walls.

It needs to be spacious enough to accommodate your vehicles and your desk, but tall enough to accommodate them both.

You'll need a set of stairs or a ladder to access the loft, as well.

This is something that many homeowners can do themselves over the course of a weekend.

Take a look at this picture of an attic space outfitted with shelves high above the floor.

Improve lighting

A lot of garages use fluorescent lighting, which is cold, harsh, and may or may not provide enough light to get the job done.

It's a good idea to instal task lighting above a workbench and to think about installing larger LED light strips in the ceiling.

Putting in these adjustments will make your garage feel more welcoming and functional.

Potential buyers will notice the difference between your home and others on the market with the new garage lighting and those that still use fluorescent bulbs.

Put tools within easy reach

Mount a wire rack or hooks so that residents can store their equipment out of the way.

When you're working on a project, it's convenient to have the necessary tools close at hand.

Possibile buyers will appreciate a hook board or wire grid that can be used to store and organise their tools.

Potential buyers will appreciate not being responsible for installing these fixtures upon moving in.

Evaluate the garage doors

Make sure the garage doors are in good working order. Test your garage door opener to make sure it works properly.

Since potential buyers will first get a glimpse of the garage doors from the street, this aspect may be more crucial.

Doors that have cracks or dings should be fixed. If they need painting, do so; if the doors are severely damaged, new ones should be installed.

Altering the garage doors' external appearance could be another option. As an illustration, enhancing your home's kerb appeal can be as simple as installing new decorative hardware.

Don't overlook the garage when staging your home for a sale. Buyers appreciate properties that have convenient storage and a neat garage.

Still, if you go the extra mile and do things like instal epoxy floor coating and spruce up the garage doors, you may find that you get a higher offer.

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