How Often Should I Clean Out My Garage?

How Often Should I Clean Out My Garage?

Because the gold coast receives more rain in the spring and summer, you should pick a time when you can be sure of dry weather for at least a few days.

Garage doors should be cleaned at least twice a year, in the spring and the fall, by the average homeowner.

That's right, quarterly (or seasonal, as some detailers call it) waxing is in your future.

Numerous homeowner's associations (HOAs) have regulations regarding the placement of trash cans on private property.

Garage cleaning and maintenance should be a regular part of your life so that you don't end up too overwhelmed to get anything done.

Doors on homes in areas with extreme weather conditions, such as near the coast or where there is heavy snowfall, may need to be cleaned once every three months.

Time for a spring clean?

Despite the fact that spring in Australia occurs in September/October, many Australian homeowners still prefer the more traditional spring cleaning months of March/April to tackle the more challenging spaces in their homes, such as the garage.

You probably clean at least once per week, but the garage may go unattended for months at a time.

The longer you wait to get started, the less likely you are to actually do it.

Cleaning frequently enhances dust management

The garage is notorious for being a dust magnet.

Since vehicles track in dirt and debris from the outside, a garage that also serves as a workshop or storage area for garden tools is a bad idea.

Dirt from the outside can be blown inside through the wide exterior doors and will stay there even after the doors have been closed.

What to Do Before You Start

Schedule time on your calendar

A long to-do list is likely already present if you're moving.

Garage clean-up should be on your to-do list, and you should give yourself dedicated time to complete this task.

Based on my previous work with customers, I would advise setting aside multiple days for clearing out the garage.

The size of your new storage unit can help you determine how much stuff you can get rid of before the big move.

Assess your resources

If you want to complete this mission, what tools do you need? The first thing you should do is contact a waste management company in your area and enquire about renting a dumpster for removing junk and trash.

It's a good idea to look into which charities in your area offer free pick-up services before you make any donations.

Another great option is to compile a list of local consignment shops where you can sell your unwanted household items.

To make the most of your time and effort, list your more expensive items on Craigslist or eBay if you have the time and confidence to do so.

Last but not least, you should look into a nearby service that accepts electronic waste, paint, pesticides, motor oil, and other toxic substances.

Adding a GarageSmart® SmartWall is a quick and easy method to upgrade your garage's storage capabilities. 

You can't throw these away with your regular trash or recycle them.

Gather boxes, moving supplies, and big garbage bags

It's not hard to get hold of free cardboard boxes from places like the supermarket or the drugstore.

You can also find free moving boxes on Craigslist from people who have recently relocated.

You can find new moving boxes at any hardware store or shop online.

How to Conduct a Garage Cleanout Session

Mark off zones after clearing some space

Making as much open space in the centre of the garage floor as you can may help you stay on top of your work.

It might be time to free up some garage space by removing the car and other large, cumbersome items like the lawnmower and bikes.

I propose classifying items in the garage as follows: donate, sell, toss, keep, return, and undecided.

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Colored chalk or blue painter's tape can be used to demarcate each section.

Before making any final decisions, it's helpful to clear a section of floor space and use it as a staging area for everything in a given category.

One category at a time, work on it

The best way to get ready for a big reveal is to select a category, like holiday decorations, and bring out all of the items in that category and put them in one central location.

Items stashed in the attic should not be forgotten.

Before moving on to the next category, try to settle all pending decisions. Put it in the "undecided" pile if you really can't decide.

Put as much as you can in this pile, but don't overwhelm yourself, or you'll end up delaying the process of decluttering.

Use these effective tips for spring-cleaning your garage

Adult children who have left home permanently may view their parents' house as little more than a storage facility.

A former spouse who has left the family home may feel the same way. You probably won't be able to accommodate the storage needs of others in your cramped quarters.

Sometimes dealing with other members of the family can be emotionally draining.

That's why it's best to leave these things until last.

That way, you won't have to worry about any potentially awkward conversations getting in the way of you getting rid of your own stuff.

Use these effective tips for spring-cleaning your garage.

De-cluttering your garage, which is often used as extra storage but can be a hindrance to parking, is one of the best ways to welcome the warmer weather and longer days of spring.

However, how exactly should you allocate your time to accomplish this goal?

If you follow these nine suggestions, your garage will be cleaner, more organised, and better able to serve its purpose by the end of spring.

Plan your garage's spring cleaning and solicit assistance

Garage spring cleaning is typically a weekend project.

An increased time investment (and perhaps outside help) will be required if your garage is crammed to the gills with piles of junk that have been building up over the years.

Determine in advance what you hope to gain from this spring cleaning of the garage.

To facilitate this, use a garage spring cleaning checklist.

The process can go more quickly if members of the family are given specific tasks to complete.

Avoid burnout by taking it slow, but keep your focus on the prise at all times.

Listening to music, a podcast, or the baseball game can help break up the monotony of a task.

Declutter your garage

De-cluttering is our second suggestion for a clean and organised garage this spring.

Everything that isn't nailed or screwed down should be taken out of your garage.

This will facilitate a thorough cleaning of the garage.

You'll have a clearer idea of which items in the garage you should keep and which ones you can safely get rid of.

If you need to empty your garage, do it on a day when precipitation is not expected.

Don't put the stuff in front of the garage doors on the driveway (one of our garage spring cleaning tips explains why).

Your best bets are the lawn, the walkway, or the patio.

If you're having trouble getting rid of things, consider how often you've used them over the past few years.

Ask yourself why they're still taking up room if you haven't used them.

Think about how you'll get the things you won't be keeping to their new homes as soon as possible.

If you plan on leaving them in the garage for more than a week or two, you might as well forget about all your hard work.

Air out your garage

Now that the garage is clear, you should throw open the windows and any exterior doors.

Now that the junk is gone from your garage, you can finally open the windows and let some fresh air in.

Another advantage of decluttering is that it frees up space in your garage by eliminating piled-up junk.

You can hasten the process of airing out the space by placing a box fan or shop fan in front of an open window or door.

Clean up and sweep the garage

Clearing out the area in front of your garage doors is a recommended spring cleaning task. Why? Because as you clean the inside of your garage, a lot of dirt, dust, and water will be passing through that area.

Wearing a dust mask is recommended for the next dirty task.

You should clean all of the shelves and the floor (aside from the floor).

You can wipe down slatwall panels in your garage with a damp rag, but your garage walls could be made of drywall, brick, or something else.

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If that's the case, you can get rid of some of the dust and dirt by giving the walls a quick sweep from top to bottom with a broom.

If you find any cobwebs, sweep them away with the broom as well.

Remove the built-up layer of dust, dirt, and salt by sweeping it away (if you live in areas that use salt on the roads during winter).

Check that you haven't forgotten any of the edges.

Clean and examine the opener and garage doors

The garage door is the next target for a thorough cleaning.

Start by rinsing it with water from the hose, and then use a sponge, dish soap, and water to thoroughly clean it.

See the following garage spring cleaning hint for advice on cleaning any garage door window panels or inserts.

Ensure that both the inside and outside of your garage door are in good working order.

Checking in on your garage door and its components at regular intervals is a must.

You should check the functionality of your garage door opener, especially its safety features.

Make sure the picture eyes on your opener are spotless and centred. You can use spray lubricant on chain drives and drive screws in openers (check your manual).

Be on the lookout for rust, warping, and other signs of ageing in your garage door.

There are many moving components, including springs, rollers, tracks, hinges, and pulleys, on your garage door.

It is possible to spray lubricant onto these components. The garage door springs are a particularly hazardous part of the door, so it's best to have a pro take care of any repairs.

You can find a wide variety of garage door replacement options among our stock of steel, fibreglass, wood, and full-view aluminium doors.

Keep the garage doorframe clean

Your garage door can take up a sizable chunk of your home's front facade, so how it looks is crucial to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Having a wooden garage doorframe that is unattractively dirty, has paint that is peeling, or is otherwise in poor condition can be a major turnoff.

If you want a spotless garage door this spring, give the doorframe some extra TLC. It could be as easy as giving the doorframe a good scrub with the hose, or it could involve more work like stripping, painting, or staining.

Wrapping your garage doorframe in aluminium capping is a great option that will reduce the frequency and severity of needed repairs. Your home's exterior will look more polished and complete as a result.

Window washing your garage

Let's go ahead and clean the garage's windows. Garage doors, side doors, and windows can all fall under this category. You can clean the windows with a sponge and some dish detergent mixed with warm water.

Pure vinegar works wonders on tough stains, especially on exterior windows.

The last step in cleaning the windows is to use a hand squeegee after you've finished rinsing.

Don't let dirt and debris build up on the blade and scratch the windows; wipe it after each stroke.

Finally, use a microfiber cloth or (gasp!) a newspaper to dry the windows to completely remove any trace of streaks.

Examine your garage's organisation and storage methods

The final step in our spring cleaning checklist for the garage is to take stock of your garage's storage and organisation options.

Do you have a specific spot for each item now that you've moved it back from the garage?

If it doesn't already, garage cabinetry, slatwall, and speciality storage racks can greatly improve your garage's utility.

The latter two solutions take advantage of the wall space and ceiling height that are typically wasted in a garage.

Maintaining such order and accessibility to the garage floor will make future spring cleanings a breeze.

Clutter makes it difficult to park in and use the garage. Consider how much usable space you're giving up by storing unnecessary items in your garage.

A well-kept garage is a haven for the whole family, increasing in both safety and pleasure the time spent there.

Because everything will be in its proper spot, tidying up will be a breeze.

If your garage is well-organized, you'll be able to move around it more quickly and efficiently, increasing its utility.

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