Why Do Garages Get So Cluttered?

Why Do Garages Get So Cluttered?

It's shocking how often people neglect their garage when they should be cleaning it.

First, for reasons of hygiene, it must be kept clean to the same standards as any other room.

The extra storage space you gain from cleaning out the garage can be put to good use elsewhere.

Nonetheless, let's take our time and go over each of the many reasons why it's crucial to keep the garage clean on a regular basis.

When it comes time to clean, the garage is often one of the last places people think to look.

Despite the fact that garages are considered valuable storage areas, many homeowners use them as a dumping ground for everything from valuables to trash.

Garage clutter has a way of multiplying and spreading until it completely takes over the garage.

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of junk that accumulates in garages today.

Why We Build Up Garage Clutter & How to Get Rid of It

You tend to be disorganised, so your garage is cluttered

As a matter of fact, not everyone is a neat freak. Keeping clutter at bay in the home is a never-ending struggle for even the most organised among us.

Every homeowner needs to take a methodical and persistent approach to warding off the gradual accumulation of clutter.

This well-intended method of home organisation and reducing garage clutter isn't always supported by the hectic pace of modern life.

And disorder is only too happy to exploit the frailties of the chronically disorganised.

Although we have the power to alter our behaviour at any time, doing so becomes increasingly difficult and unrealistic as we age.

Dealing with the clutter in your garage is too intimidating

Your garage clutter problem will get more challenging to resolve the longer it persists. Years of ignoring clutter can make the task of cleaning up seem insurmountable.

Giving in to these powerful emotions is counterproductive because it perpetuates the cycle of guilt, self-doubt, and stress that comes from living in a disorganised space.

In a cluttered space, it's more difficult to locate necessary items, which can cause significant frustration.

Disorganization distracts because our minds interpret it as more work.

Accepting the chaos as it is is another non-solution for dealing with garage clutter. You might convince yourself that it's easier to "work around" the piles of junk in your garage than to actually put in the effort necessary to clean it up.

Your garage makes for an easy disposal site

There's a common misconception that garages, especially larger ones, are the ideal place to keep household items that don't have a designated spot inside the house.

There's probably a spare space in your garage where you could stack a few dozen boxes or bins you have no idea what to do with.

If you think you can come up with a better storage solution in the future, this might be the best option.

This "I'll deal with it eventually" attitude can quickly lead to garage clutter.

The adage "out of sight, out of mind" also applies in these situations. But that's a backwards way of thinking if you really think about it.

Reason being, garage doors have risen in popularity to become one of the most utilised entryways in modern homes.

That's a lot of times entering and exiting your garage every day.

If you're looking for things to outfit your entire garage, GarageSmart® got you covered. We can turn your cluttered garage into a clean, crisp, highly functional area for your home.

The "out of sight" part of this idiom is not the only thing that is invalidated by your frequent use of the garage.

You'll also have to admit that as the garage clutter increases, it becomes harder and harder to use the space to its full potential.

The size of your garage and house overall is inadequate

Having extra storage space isn't always easy to come by, and while large garages are perfect for storing large items, smaller garages can be a real challenge.

If the rest of your house has inadequate space, this issue will only get worse.

The chances of your one-car garage being crammed with unnecessary items rather than a car rises accordingly.

A smaller garage may be more difficult to transform into a functional storage area.

However, when the walls and the ceiling of a small garage are put to better use, the storage possibilities can surprise you.

Your garage is cluttered as a result of seasonal changes

In northern climates, seasonal changes can significantly contribute to garage clutter, especially in the spring and fall.

You'll need a place to store your outdoor furniture, summer sports gear, barbeque, and other items in the fall until you need them again a few months later.

You might even require storage space in your garage for a vintage car that is only used during the warmer months.

Your snow shovelling tools, snow tyres, and other winter-related possessions will need to be put away in the spring.

Unfortunately, the process of replacing your summer clothing with winter clothing isn't always orderly and tidy.

Holiday decorations are another thing to think about. Your Christmas, Halloween, and other seasonal décor items will only need to be stored in your boxes and storage bins on an annual basis.

So that they don't take up valuable garage floor space all year, you'll want to store them somewhere out of the way.

You find it difficult to part with your possessions

The difficulty we frequently have in letting go of things is another major contributor to garage clutter.

We are very susceptible to nostalgia, but it's important to avoid becoming overly sentimental.

It's important to keep hold of some priceless mementoes, but how much is too much? When garage clutter becomes an ongoing issue, you'll know it's time to head-on your emotional attachments to your possessions.

Due to temperature fluctuations that cause moisture from condensation and humidity, some priceless heirlooms (like photos) shouldn't be kept in the garage in the first place.

As a result, items kept for a long time in garages are susceptible to developing mould, especially papers and fabrics.

Find storage space in a climate-controlled area of your home for priceless possessions you can't bear to part with.

You can also spend the time archiving your photos digitally if you have a photo collection.

Ask yourself if you've used anything else in the last two years before getting rid of it if it doesn't have any sentimental value.

Donate, sell, or throw it away if it hasn't been used since then.

Additionally, try to avoid the mentality of "but I might need it someday."

What has been referred to as "aspirational clutter" is the result of this way of thinking.

Your garage lacks functional organisation and storage systems

If you're having trouble keeping your garage organised, one likely cause is a lack of suitable storage and organisation options.

Your garage, like your bedroom closet, can be greatly improved by the installation of well-designed storage cabinets and racks.

A home with well-thought-out storage and organisation systems has a much better chance of staying clean and in order.

How to Clean Up Clutter in Your Garage

Step 1: Take All the Clutter Out

Start organising your garage from scratch by clearing out everything there. If you want to get your garage in order, you'll need to take an honest inventory of your belongings and figure out how much space you'll need for storage.

Step 2: Separate Into Piles

The best time to sort your belongings into piles to keep is when everything is outside of the garage.

Nonetheless, you'll need to devise a workable method for selecting the items that will remain in your newly streamlined garage.

First, you should ask yourself, "Is this in my garage because I have no idea where else to put it?" There's no need to keep things you can't find a home for.

Step 3: Decide What To Do With The Remaining Items

Anything that doesn't make it into your "keep" pile is automatically considered junk.

Having extra containers to store items in is essential if you plan on making a donation or selling them.

Whether it's something you can't sell or give away, put it in a trash bag and throw it away.

Rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal service if you have more trash than your bin can hold.

Find a local charity or nonprofit to which you can donate items. It's possible you'll run into trouble when trying to sell specific items.

Discover the possibilities in your own backyard by doing some digging. Yard sales, as well as posting items on websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, are great ways to make some quick cash from your remaining valuables.

Step 4: Deep Clean The Interior & Exterior

The first step in cleaning your garage thoroughly is to empty it of all its contents and sort through them, getting rid of anything you no longer need.

It's best to work from the top down, so begin dusting high places like cabinets, shelves, or an extra refrigerator.

Get rid of dust and dirt by sweeping, vacuuming, and/or hosing down the garage floor. The appearance of the garage's exterior should not be overlooked.

Therefore, remember to clean the garage door and frame with a hose and a rag. Make sure to clean your garage windows as well, if they exist in your home.

Step 5: Organize & Categorize

Now that you've cleared out the junk from your garage, you can start organising and stopping the clutter from returning.

The best home storage solution can be determined once you have an idea of what you have and will be keeping.

You can pick from several different possibilities.

The use of bins, shelves, cabinets, pegboards, and track systems are all part of this.

GarageSmart® Storage Cabinets, Draws, & Work Benches are the perfect way to organize your garage! With GarageSmart®, you’ll have plenty of storage space for all of your tools, sports equipment, and other belongings. 

Motives for Why Garage Cleaning Is Critical

Clutter often results in costly damages

Keeping harmful materials in the garage increases the risk of mishaps like fires and water damage throughout the house.

Furthermore, rodents may be attracted to a dirty, disorganised garage.

Even if an item is still functional, these animals will chew it up.

In addition, this and similar issues can cause you to misplace important paperwork like passports and driver's licences.

So, if you want to avoid having to spend money fixing repairs caused by a messy garage, you should clean it out on a regular basis.

Lowers the risk of injuries

If you have kids, you should take every precaution to ensure their safety at home.

The first thing you should do is make sure your home and garage are always tidy.

Increasing the potential for trip and fall accidents by leaving items of clothing and other objects lying around.

Most people also keep a number of boxes and other items in the garage. Someone could get hurt if one of these things fell on them.

Consequently, the risk of injury can be drastically reduced by cleaning up and organising the garage (and the rest of the house).

Clean space = clear mind

Most people find it annoying when they enter a garage that looks like a bomb went off in it, but some people actually thrive in such an environment, calling it "creative chaos" or something similar.

Clutter is a hindrance to efficiency for everyone else. Getting rid of clutter and old equipment in the garage can be very rewarding.

When there is less clutter to look at, you can focus more easily.

After you've finished organising your garage, you'll find that you have a lot more room than you thought.

Less stress and more enjoyment

Some people experience increased stress when their living space is disorganised.

It stands to reason, as we discussed how a tidy environment can have a salutary effect on the mind and spirit.

Therefore, in order to reach such a state of mind, it is necessary to eliminate stress by cleaning up the garage and the rest of the house.

Doing the dishes, making the bed, and sweeping on a regular basis will give the impression that your home is clean.

It's the same with your garage; tidying up at least once or twice a week will bring you pleasure and reduce stress.

The right usage of your garage space

Once you clear out the mess, you'll have the whole room to work with.

It is time to start planning innovative uses for the garage.

You can store unused furnishings or even fit another car in there.

There is a wide range of choices available to you after you regularly clean your garage. But there is still something else to consider.


Remodeling your garage is also very important. It's a good idea to update and spruce up your space every so often.

But where should one even begin when preparing for renovations? It really ought to be your floor the majority of the time.

Epoxy and polyurea are still popular, but they are hazardous to human health and should be avoided.

Consider a healthier option that also happens to be more long-lasting, inexpensive, and time-efficient.

Sure, Ecodur has you covered for anything you might need.

Keep in mind that first impressions matter, and it doesn't take much time or effort to make your garage look neat and tidy by installing a Fleximounts garage storage rack.

You need to keep up the good habits you developed while cleaning and organising the garage.

It is only after the garage has been cleaned up and organised that its true worth becomes apparent.

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